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Hi! I'm Edu Gargollo, game designer and programmer from Asturias, Spain.

After working as technical designer in virtual reality and serious games, I co-founded Nuberu Games where I designed and shipped two PC games: The Flesh God and Metal Tales.

Right now I'm working as software dev in warehouse simulations at Mecalux Software and also designing small games and experiments in my free time.

This academic year I'm also teaching Level Design at ESNE, as part of the Bachelor of Arts in Video Game Design and Development.

I love making videogames with new people so I'm always up for a collaboration or jam!

Published Games

Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods

  • Role: Game Designer, Level Designer, Gameplay programmer
  • Team size: 7 + outsorcing company for extra animations
  • Published on November 2016
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One (coming soon)

The Binding of Isaac meets Brütal Legend! An action roguelike where you use a guitar to fight hordes of possessed metalheads and evil Guitar Gods to free them of an ancient curse that wants to end the Metal.

My main role in Metal Tales was Game Designer. I designed the entire game, built the different rooms into the engine and defined the behavior of enemies and bosses using behavior trees. I also had to act as a director/producer by coordinating, reviewing and keeping track of the work of the rest of the team.

Steam page

The Flesh God

  • Role: Game Designer, Level Designer, Gameplay programmer
  • Team size: 4
  • Published on November 2017
  • Platform: PC

A new spin on the 2D platformer games, in this game you have a huge gun and use the gun recoil to jump around the levels and perform crazy acrobatics.

I designed the game, coded the prototype and iterated on it to improve the core gameplay based on player feedback until we started full production. After that I designed the 40+ levels of the game and built them into the engine.

Steam page

One Game a Week December '18

  • Role: Game Designer, Programmer
  • Team size: 1
  • Published on December 2018
  • Platform: Web

Four games, made one each week of December 2018, as a personal challenge.

This collection of four games was an exercise on controlling the scope and finishing in a short period of time. All games are fully playable in the browser. page


  • Role: Game/Level Designer, Programmer
  • Team size: 1
  • Published on September 2018
  • Platform: PC/Mac

Stealth game inspired by VR Missions and psx spy games.

This was a game developed over Summer 2018 as a way to experiment with shaders and a minimalist level style. The goal was to have "nice enough" level and character graphics and use a consistent visual style across the game. page


  • Role: Level Designer, Gameplay programmer
  • Team size: 4
  • Published on February 2015
  • Platforms: iOS, Android

A runner where you control two separated characters at the same time, a girl and a giant bunny that she can ride.

I designed half of the levels in the game, and also coded the prototype and parts of the gameplay alongside the other programmer in the team. I also made all the sound design and implementation for the game.


Work Experience

Software Engineer - Mecalux Software Solutions (Feb 2020 - Present)

The company makes software for warehouse logistics. I'm working in the tools team with the warehouse designer tool and scada simulations, rendered in 3D using DirectX and MonoGame. I also contribute to the web engine that hosts all the applications, developed in C# and Angular

Unity VR Developer - PSIOUS (May 2019 - Feb 2020)

Working on new version of the PSIOUS therapy suite, developing VR scenes using Unity to be used by psychologists as part of therapy, and contributing to the development of their internal tools.

Game Designer - Nuberu Games (Feb 2015 - Jan 2018)

As the only game designer in the team, I was in charge of designing and prototyping new games, working with the rest of the team to ensure all work was aligned with the game's vision and designing all levels.

Project Manager, Software Engineer - Pixels-Hub (Sept 2013 - Feb 2015)

The company worked mainly in B2B VR and Serious Games, mainly focused on safety, machine maintenance and medical therapy.

The job involved meeting with the clients to extract functional requirements, design the software and ship it.

Software Engineer - Vortica (Mar 2013 - Sept 2013)

Vortica is an engineering company. My job there was to provide tools for the systems they used (mainly Rhinoceros with Grasshopper) and to take their Grasshopper prototypes and rebuild them into windows applications using OpenGL with .net

Research intern - ideasCAD (Jul 2012 - Feb 2013)

My main job at ideasCAD was to port their stereoscopic render engine, GLSVe, from openGL fixed pipeline to Shaders to allow stereoscopic post processing in vr environments.

Additional experience

University Lecturer - ESNE Asturias (September 2017-Present)

I teach the subject Level Design as part of the Bachelor of Arts in Video Game Design and Development.

Gamefounders (2016)

I attended Gamefounders startup accelerator program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from march to June 2016. There I attended talks and one-to-one sessions with top industry players from all areas of game development (business, production, marketing, design, art, programming...)

Unity courses

I taught several one-week courses on Unity and game development at the University of Oviedo.

Other Projects

Here are some non-gamedev professional projects I've worked on:


Company: Pixels-Hub

This is a therapy tool for children with ambliopy (lazy eye). The tool consists of several minigames that use stereoscopic rendering to draw different images for each eye to recreate scientifically proven treatments for in a game format.

Official site

3D Stereo VDT

Company: Pixels-Hub

This project was designed for Geological works, allowing point cloud visualization in a CAVE vr-system, drawing on top of the cloud using hand-tracking and exporting to AutoCad.



Company: Pixels-Hub

Serious game about evacuation protocols in cruise ships. This game was part of the MonaLista european project and was developed in collaboration with Jovellanos Integral Maritime Safety Centre.

View on Google Play


Company: Vortica

Android app that allowed customers to draw the side-view of a vase and preview it in 3D, change color and size. Then the customers could order the vase via app to the craftsman, that would hand-made it and then send it to the customer.